What is a Kadai?

Origins of a Kadai

The Kadai's origin can be found in India. It goes without saying, the Kadai goes beyond functionality, it's a beautiful piece of art. 

Traditionally, Kadai's were used for cooking, however, for modern day use, especially in the United Kingdom, a Kadai is often used as a focal point to a garden, alongside functioning as cooking and heating device. 

The Kadai has always had several different names. Here's a short list of some of the names you might have heard:

Kadai, Kerahi, Korai and Karai, amongst many more.

What is a Kadai

A Kadai is a traditional Indian cooking bowl which also makes a fantastic Fire Pit and BBQ, they are generally made of heavy gauge steel and stand on iron three legged stands.

Kadai's come in many different sizes and designs, from traditionally hand made hammer forged steel bowls made from multiple pieces of plate steel, to newly pressed steel dishes.

Kadai's are mounted in a tripod like stand, again this stand comes in varying heights, from low stands - which make the Kadai a great fire pit to high level stands which are more suited to BBQ use or high level fire pits.

Kadais are still widely used today - However, in the United Kingdom their main purpose has slightly changed. Over the past few years, there has been an overwhelming demand for Kadais, as they are incredibly versatile. 

Kadais are often purchased to be the main focal point of the garden - However they can be used for much more than just a decorate piece! For example, alongside being a favourite for the distinctive look the kadai brings functionality into play, as it can be used as a fire pit - bringing tradition together with modern day design. 

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